Warp Zone

What is this?

Currently, Warp Zone streams include a joke gacha game at the beginning and end of the streams. By typing commands in chat, viewers can sometimes obtain 'Stars', which do literally nothing.
This page allows you to view the stars you've obtained and throw them around, 2000s flash game style. Since this is just showing the stars earned during streams, there currently isn't a way to get any without watching, sorry!
This page is mostly temporary and will be heavily expanded in the future with 'an actual game'. If you'd like to support development, please consider tossing me a few dollars on Ko-Fi.
If you find any bugs, please screenshot the bug itself and the console (visible by inspecting element) and email it to me.

Programming / Art: Nullcasting
Database programming: dbanisimov
Music: @h31lo_wor1d